Rosaliz Jimenez is a master at creating content that converts.

Before launching her own consulting firm, she spent over twenty years as an photo and fashion editor at Allure, Instyle, People StyleWatch, and Redbooks.  



The publishing landscape has transformed from paper to digital. This means your brand has just as much of a chance as being the go-to source when it comes to fashion based content.  I understand how to bring editorial quality to your content and brand. 


still life

Work with me to bring your products to life. I will curate a engaging visuals, and a content calendar that is strategic. We will position your brand in a way that it is influencer-ready -- let's get a list of who you want to work with! 



If you are a beauty brand, or if you are starting a beauty arm to your brand, I have industry insights from years of working and selling to beauty and cosmetic consumers. Work with me to create a campaign that positions your products with the right audience.


As a magazine editor I had to also be an industry expert.


I have studied consumer behavior of the beauty, fashion, health and wellness industries. This is my starting point with every client - who is your ideal customer? what are their behaviors? what is your customers life time value?

 Then, I will show you how to get them to seamlessly engage with your product or service. 


I'm passionate about working with plus-size brands


I am proudly a cancer survivor.  Since that experience I have a new respect and awareness for the human body, and all the shapes and shades that it comes in. It is my passion to work with plus-size fashion brands and blogger to grow the body positivity conversation. 



My approach is to launch your strategy with visually impactful content. 


Before someone will stop to read or purchase from your brand, they need to be drawn in.

Up to 90% of consumers interact with brands through their phones and laptops. It's noisy out there in the digital world, work with me to create scroll-stopping images that attract the right customer. 


Telling stories through clothing, accessories, and product placement is what I specialized in for over twenty years as an editor. I bring this same eye to your brand and content - it's time to make your brand the go-to influencer.